Projects in Development

After a while away, Pat Kelman and Imaginative Leap Films are back with an exciting and provocative new slate of projects in development.


1. SISTERS (Working title)

Status – In development. Currently development funding being discussed with BFI

Projected budget – £250k

Anticipated shooting period – Early 2018

Writer and Director – Pat Kelman

As per usual with Pat Kelman’s work, the detail of the scenes are created through improvisation, based on a detailed framework and outline.

Developmental workshops have been held with the talent, and at least three short films are being produced using the same characters as part of the process (see below)



Three sisters and their partners spend a weekend family reunion dealing with the causes of their youngest sibling’s death at the same event the previous year. The eldest sister has to try and heal the family and prevent the guilt and recrimination from tearing them apart.

2. LIFE AS WE KNOW IT (Working Title)

Status – Early Development for submission to the next round of Film London Microwave or Creative England’s iFeatures project.

Writer and Director – Pat Kelman

Projected budget – £175k

Anticipated shoot period: 2017

Initial workshops are currently being held in London to explore characters and situations. The project is intended to be a multi-threaded kaleidoscope of London life and experience, as seen through the eyes of four children playing truant one day.




Writer and Director – Pat Kelman

Budget – £5k per film


UK Television names as listed in the SISTERS project above.

As part of the development process and funding process of the feature SISTERS, at least three short films are being produced in 2015, all budget circa £5000, to develop backstory and subtext for the feature.
These will be used to show:

–       Characters

–       Situations

–       Directorial skill

–       Acting quality

–       Investability

–       Market Potential

They will also be used to attract a lead actor with a Feature Film background.